Saturday, February 27, 2010

If I Work Hard, People Will Love Me

I grew up believing that if you work hard, you are a good person. So my whole life I found excuses to work longer and harder. Other authors write books. I found a way to work twice as hard. I write an illustrate books.

Other people leave their work at the office. I take mine on vacation. I find myself writing speeches by the pool. Of course I always have a brilliant excuse, “I just need to finish this and then I can relax”. Some people do other people’s work even when they can do it better than me.
Julie will say to me, “You are paying the taxi driver. Why are you loading our bags into the cab?” And I will have and excuse, “We are late for the airport.” “This driver is too old” or “I need the exercise”. But the truth is that my self-image is lacking. I’m not good at being spoiled. I believe that I have to work hard for people to like me and for me to like me. But I am making progress.